Opinion Leaders


From our earliest stages in life, we are influenced by what we see and by what others around us to. In this way what we are exposed to helps shapes us as individuals. But who really are these Influential people and what are they selling us?


Answer, A Lifestyle.


With the age of technology well and truly amongst us, more and more people are becoming online. This virtual area has given rise to the era of social media. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have become elements in our daily lives. Exposing the average person to about 5,000 ads a day (Apple.com, 2017). That’s a lot. But how do we filter through all this to see what we want to?

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This is where an Opinion leader steps in. An opinion leader is a well-known individual that has the ability to influence others (Business Pundit, 2017). They have a heavy presence online and in terms of marketing are usually tied to a product. Having millions of followers, these people have a huge audience and are highly sorted after by company’s everywhere.

Having people we think are cool or smart and interesting, can see us try to emulate them. An example of this, was Steve Jobs. The co-founder of apple,  had a passion for innovation and creating new technology that made him become an icon around the world. The man, was most famous for presenting the world with latest range of iPhones, Ipads, iPods and mac books. But what he was really selling to us was the lifestyle, of having the latest gadget. After the realise of the first iPhone, many people starting flocking to public opinion, and were eagerly awaiting the new and improved versions ever since. With 10 million new iphone 6s being sold in the first 3 days of its launch.  

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I don’t think I know a single person who hasn’t had some connection to apple. This could be due to an awarded winning recipe, A cutting edge product, a global icon creating them and trust. People trusted that with steve jobs there, they would get the highest of quality and be looked after. Building this almost systematic  trust has built a huge amount of brand loyalty for apple.

The ability to influence people, is what marketing strives to achieve. And in this life time, it seems that anyone with a camera can do it. This is captured but a group called The Mad Hueys. What started as a group of mates doing what they love, fishing, surfing, and having a few beers on the weekend, has turned into a fast emerging company among the surf world.

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Having gained popularity through videoing their escapades, they have been able to develop a brand label. Selling a lifestyle, these boys have captured people’s attention and making money from it. They have extend a range of clothes and even produced their own beer now. When Developing their brand name, these fellas merely uploaded a few stupid videos of themselves to social media, and at one stage got kicked of Instagram to the dissatisfaction of there 10,000 followers. But what they were doing, people in the surf culture loved, and gained global attention, even having famous surfers such as Mick Flanning and Joel Parkinson, promoting there brand.

but there is such a thing as a negative influence. Depending on what side you sit on, The Mad Hueys could be considered to be a bad influence on young males. Really there just cashed up bogans, doing dump stuff but in their own way. Looking at some of their videos, especially the stunt involving a bird-cage and a tiger shark, people would say there down right stupid. And there not wrong either. but what they are doing captures their target markets attention and builds on that, which people love them for.

Overall having opinion leaders associated with a brand or a product does help influence a wider audience giving them either the information or the imagination they want to lead the lifestyle they desire.


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